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Scale Down is a telemedicine weight loss program serving clients exclusively in Massachusetts & New Hampshire.

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1. Free Phone Consultation

At Scale Down your weight loss journey starts with a free 15 minute consultation by phone to review what we can offer you. We will briefly review your medical history and your weight loss goals to see what the best approach would be. 

Schedule your free consultation now 

Call or text us at 603-600-0700. 

2. Initial Telemedicine Visit

If you are interested, we will send a link to our HIPPA compliant patient portal and have you fill out some paperwork. We will order lab work that can be done through your insurance or another lab for an additional fee. Initial telemedicine visit to review history and lab work and determine if you would like to move forward with a weight loss package. The initial consult is $100.00.

3. Choosing a Package

If you decide to choose a weight loss package, each package includes the initial telemedicine fee and weekly telemedicine visits. Also, any recommended supplements will be available with a 10% discount through Full Scripts. 

 Packages are as low as 100.00 per month and we can try to obtain prior authorization for brand name weight loss medication through your own insurance (Wegovy). 


Nurse Practitioner 

Scale Down is led by Jennifer Limongiello, PhD, FNP-BC, a board certified Nurse Practitioner with a doctoral degree in Public Health. She has been a RN for over 34 years and a Nurse Practitioner for the last 24 years. Jennifer understands first hand the difficulty of losing weight and keeping it off. Now, she is trying to help others do the same. 


Medication and Supplements to assist your weight loss journey

  • We offer many medications and supplements including but not limited to: 
  • Bupropion/Naltrexone
  • Semaglutide 
  • Tirzapetide 
  • Stimulant free supplements, Metformin
  • Bella supplements, Vitamin B12 injections, GOAL injections, and more!
  • 10% discount off Full Script supplements

Patient Centered Care

This is patient centered care offered at an affordable price while taking the time to listen to the client and develop a realistic, sustainable plan for weight loss. We look at the whole patient to try to uncover the root of the problem. This is done by assessing your overall health, eating behaviors, sleep patterns, and much more. Lab work can uncover metabolic and endocrine dysfunction. All of this information helps to offer you the best strategy.

What do we offer?

The initial 15 minute phone call is free. The initial 1 hour consultation via telemedicine is $100.00 and due at the visit. Labwork is required to develop the initial plan. Labwork can be done through your own insurance or through another lab for a discounted fee. At the initial consult, you will meet with our NP and discuss your medical history and review your labwork results. We will develop a personalized plan to meet your goals. We have tier 1-5 plans available ranging from 100.00-350.00 per month.


Ongoing Support

We are accountable to so many people and things in our life. Our lives are so busy with family, jobs, pets, etc. Sometimes we need to be accountable to someone else before we can be accountable for ourselves. Scale Down understands this and is here to help you. Telemedicine visits and frequent contact helps keep you on track. 


Changing Behaviors

Do you get hungry all the time? Do you feel like you know where all the food is in your kitchen at all times? Are there foods that you can't eat just one or two, you have to eat the whole package? Do you crave sugar and carbs? Do you feel like you never get full? Do you feel like you eat when you are driving, watching tv, or doing work? Do you plan out what you will eat, or just eat on the fly? Medications can help, changing behaviors slowly can ensure that you can manage this after you lose the weight, after you stop the medications.


Direct Pay versus Insurance

We have a variety of packages available. If you qualify for weight loss medications, we can see if your insurance will cover first. If not, we also can obtain medication from other pharmacies that compound generic forms. We will discuss all of this with you during your free telephone consult. 

Articles & Resources

Check here for helpful information, resources, and our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested, how do I get started?

Please email or text us at 603-600-0700. Let us know what is a good time to set up a 15 minute phone call with you. After that, if you are interested, we wll invite you to the patient portal which is a HIPPA compliant electronic medical record. Here you will be asked to sign some consent forms, practice policies, and a patient intake form. We will order lab work. Next we will set up a 1 hour telemedicine visit and go from there.

Do I have to take medications and/or supplements to be on the program?

No. After the initial consultation and lab work, it will be determined what medications/supplements would be safe and beneficial to you, but you are the one that ultimately decides. We do offer a package without any medications.

What medications do you offer?

We offer 3 FDA approved medications:‍

  • Semaglutide- weekly injection brand name is Wegovy
  • Bupropion/Naltrexone- oral medications brand name is Contrave
  • We also have Bella Products, Tirzapetide, other weight loss medications and supplements 


What if after the initial 1 hour consultation, I do not want to join any subscription?

You will pay just for the initial consultation, $100.00 and no further commitment.

What if I purchase a monthly package, is there any contract? What if I want to stop?

You can stop your package at any time, there are no contracts. Medications like phentermine or bupropion/naltrexone are purchased on a monthly basis usually up to 3 months. Semaglutide packages depends on dosing. 

Where do I get the medication from?

We work with state regulated compound pharmacies throughout the U.S. that can offer a better price for medications and supplements and in turn can pass the savings on to you. Now that Wegovy is back in stock, so we can offer a plan that gives you a prescription to use your own insurance to pay for it. Even with prior approval forms filled out, they sometimes do not cover so there is no way to know ahead of time. We discuss this during our visit. 

Where do I get my labs done?

We can give you the medical lab order to bring to your lab and they can bill your insurance. Coverage depends on your individual insurance and you are responsible for any fees that the insurance doesn't pay. If you have a high deductible, a lot of times it is cheaper to purchase from another lab. Lab work is usually under $100.00 and supplies mailed to your home, then you bring them to a lab or you can opt for a home draw. 

Why do I need to have labs done?

In order to help you on your weight loss journey, it is important to know if you have underlying prediabetes or metabolic syndrome. This allows us to recommend the safest medications and supplements if needed. This also allows us to see things improve over time after weight loss i.e. cholesterol levels, blood sugar, etc. Sometimes people do everything right to lose weight and they still have trouble losing. This can be from underlying iron deficiency, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal dysfunction, insulin resistance, etc. Lab work can tell us a lot of information.

Why are there so many consent forms?

While relatively safe, weight loss can cause other issues. We want to make sure you are aware of these issues. We also want to make sure that you are medically stable to proceed with weightloss. On the other hand, obesity can cause so many health problems as well. Because some of the supplements are not FDA approved, we want to make sure you are a full informed consumer.

What are compounding pharmacies?

Compounding pharmacies are allowed under the U.S. Food, Drugs, and Cosmetic Act. They are required to use only FDA regulated facilities and manufacturers to compound medications. They are subject to FDA and State Board Pharmacy inspections. If the drug is currently experiencing a shortage, the FDA looks to the compounding pharmacies to fill the gap. They also can make custom formulas that might not be offered by brand name drug manufacturers.

Can I use my FSA or HSA through work?

Please check with your employer and benefits but you should be able to use FSA or HSA for payments. We can also give you a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for possible payment. 

Scale Down is a telemedicine weight loss program serving clients exclusively in Massachusetts & New Hampshire.

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